«Инновационный продукт»,
«Выбор сетей», «Наша Марка»
June, 2024
St. Petersburg, Design District DAA
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Receive medals from prestigious contests for the FMCG market
«Выбор сетей», «Инновационный продукт» and «Наша Марка» — authoritative and oldest competitions for producers of food and consumer goods. Held since 1991 at "Peterfood" and "Prodexpo" exhibitions
In 25 years, more than 1,200 companies have been awarded the prestigious medals and have begun to produce their products
with the distinctive marks
Medals are a serious advantage over competitors in negotiations with retailers and increase consumer confidence when choosing goods
in the store
The winners are selected by a competent jury consisting of ITMO scientific staff and Quality Control Center experts
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«Выбор сетей»
An open competition, the commission of which is the retail chains' buyers. By voting, the chains select the products they think are of most interest to stores and customers

«Инновационный продукт»
A competition in which food and non-food manufacturers participate. The winners are the companies that use innovations in production.

«Наша Марка»
Our brand is a competition for manufacturers of FMCG products, which aims to promote the production of quality products that meet modern global standards.

By participating in the contest you will receive:
Advantage in negotiations
with retail buyers
Increase consumer confidence
in the brand and increase sales
of your products
The right to put a medal
on the package of your product indefinitely
Attention 30+ industry
media and Internet portals
The winners get
Gold / Silver medals with the right to indefinitely apply to their products

Placing samples of your goods
in a special showcase of the "White Nights" exhibition

Publications about the winner in the publications of media partners of the "White Nights" exhibition
Contest nominations
Innovations in production technology
Innovations in usability
Innovation in packaging
Product innovation
New product on the market
Сontest «Выбор сетей»
Get the prestigious seal of quality
for your products!
Complete an application form
to receive the program and terms of participation
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